Ice dams can be problematic. And, while they are a symptom of a deeper problem, you simply can’t leave them be – you need to remove them in any way possible.

Ice Dams Removal

Here are three ways to do so.

De-icing Solution

De-icing is the most effective solution that doesn’t involve any specialized tool or equipment. Plus, it requires the least amount of effort. You simply need to get a substantial amount of calcium chloride (CaCl or CaCl2), which is used as road salt and a moisture absorber, and put it inside a nylon stocking.

Next, place it on top of the ice on top of the gutter. As the calcium chloride melts and leaks from the stocking, it also thaws the ice, which will allow snowmelt to drain through your gutters again.

Chipping Tools

Chipping the ice is one of the most common and fundamental ways to remove ice dams. It doesn’t involve any equipment, simply a sturdy instrument with a sharp end. Some common tools you can use for this include a chisel, an ice pick, a shovel, a hatchet or even a hammer.

This might involve a little more effort and strategy on your part, and it could also prove to be time consuming. However, you can start from the bottom up (from the gutters up to the top of your house roof), so you don’t pile more snow to your gutters as you go down.

Roof Snow Rake

A snow rake is a piece of equipment used to clear driveways from snow, but some variants can also be used for roofs. Roof snow rakes often come with wheels and adjustable handles for a total reach of up to 25 feet. Unlike chipping, which requires you to climb up your roof and, therefore, present a fall risk, a roof snow rake can be used on the ground. Take care not to rake sideways, however, as doing so might damage your shingles.

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