Have you ever been kept awake by the persisting dripping of water from your gutters and downspouts? If yes, then you are not alone. This situation makes it difficult to sleep at night or focus on work in the morning. Luckily, there are solutions to diminish these noises. 5 Tips for Fixing Noisy Gutters and Downspouts

1. Adjust the angle of the downspout. The easiest way to fix a noisy downspout is to reposition it. Use a spacer to move the tip of your downspout away from the exterior wall so rainwater will not drip down to the bottom of the elbow and make irritating noises.

2. Absorb the water. Most of the time, the case of noisy downspouts occurs when water directly hits the elbow part of the downspout. You can attach an absorbent material on the inside of the downspout – usually to the bottom section – to soak up the water as it drips down. You can either use a scrubber sponge or a square of artificial turf.

3. Choose to insulate the downspout. Sound waves are naturally produced when water from gutters hit the surface of downspouts. Consider using spray foam insulation around the downspout to prevent the noise problem from happening.

4. Use downspout chains. Running a chain or nylon rope along the inside of the downspout will allow the water to flow down smoothly and quietly.

5. Check for anything loose. Sometimes, rattling noises are a result of loose components or an inadequately strapped downspout. You can easily avoid this issue if you hire an experienced contractor with impressive installation skills and a long list of satisfied customers.

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