Here’s the good news: most roofing companies in South Dakota are credentialed and dependable. But here’s the bad news: there are still contractors who’ll try to pull a fast one on you. The shadier type of roofer usually employs underhanded tactics to draw in homeowners, and these are something you need to watch out for to avoid issues.

1. Storm-Chasing Contractors

You’ve probably heard of storm chasers mentioned at one point. Basically, they are contractors who travel to places that have recently been affected by a major weather event, offering their services at a cheap price. Storm chasers don’t come when called; they go knocking door-to-door, which is already a red flag. Homeowners who have taken them on are usually left with subpar materials, poor roof workmanship, and a lighter wallet. Just refuse their offer and call an established local roofer like Premier Systems Roofing. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Serving the Sioux Falls area since 2002, we can ensure timely and efficient workmanship that leaves no room for mistakes.

2. Too-Low Pricing

Homeowners tend to be concerned about roof costs, and that’s understandable. But when the price seems a bit too good to be true, that might actually be a scam, considering the cheapest roofing bid is not the way to go. Instead, focus on quality, as this will benefit you more in the long run. As a GAF Certified Master Elite® roofing contractor, Premier Systems Roofing is all about quality: high-quality products, workmanship and customer service. And our price is neither too low nor too high; it’s reasonable. In fact, if you’re still concerned about pricing, you can always check out the flexible and convenient financing options we offer.

3. High-Pressure Sales

One of the reasons roof scams work is that some of them are time-based. Most shady contractors employ a “today-only” deal that pressures homeowners into making a quick decision before they can do the necessary research. If a roofer tries this on you, consider that a red flag. This, however, will never be an issue if you work with Premier Systems Roofing. We’ll give you all the time you need to make a firm and wise decision about your roof project.

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