While proper care and maintenance can ensure your flat commercial roof remains in peak condition, there may be times when natural causes can lead to abrupt damage, such as strong wind forces. For instance, wind scouring can happen to your roof when strong winds remove the gravel surface component on flat built-up roofs. This won’t be immediately noticeable, and you may even end up with a premature replacement unless the damage gets repaired properly.

Commercial Flat Roofs

You may think that windy weather won’t affect your commercial roof, but any professional roofing contractor knows that you should always prepare no matter how strong the storm is. To understand why you shouldn’t take wind damage lightly, here’s what Premier Systems Roofing has to say:

Knowing Your Flat Roofing System

Like many commercial buildings and properties, yours may have a flat roof so that you can accommodate mounted HVAC systems. However, well-made flat roofs aren’t technically flat as they have a very slight slope to direct melted snow or water runoff into drainage systems that are installed within them. These work similarly to gutter systems to prevent water from pooling and rotting the flat roof.

As a professional roofing contractor, we offer some of the popular types of flat commercial roofing. This includes metal, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofing systems. We also make sure to install adequate metal flashing and fascia to keep them safe from weather elements, such as wind and rain.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Wind Damage

A well-built and maintained roof can still be susceptible to severe weather damage, especially if it’s strong winds. If your area tends to have tornadoes and hurricanes, they can cause significant wind damage to flat roofs. To give you an idea, hurricane winds can even be strong as around 200 miles per hour (mph) while tornado winds can reach up to 300 mph!

It’s easy for hurricanes and tornadoes to cause wind uplift to your roofing system. Wind uplift happens when strong air pushes underneath the roof materials and pulls them up. This is followed by the wrinkly or bubbly effect on some flat roofs, which indicates that the membrane has been seriously damaged. This is why it’s recommended to check your roofing system for damage after severe weather.

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