Given the size and complexity of your new roof, you should ensure that the system’s warranty remains intact. This means you have to read the fine print, pay attention to what it says and avoid making the kinds of mistakes that can void it. But does the warranty on your roof really cover you?

Roofing Warranty

Understanding Your Coverage

Your roofing guarantee serves as an additional degree of security for your investment. Knowing the full scope of its coverage is crucial. Most insurance companies will only pay for repairs if the damage was brought on by subpar construction and defective materials. Extreme weather conditions, third-party damage and poor maintenance are not covered. Other providers might also have requirements that you didn’t expect, like employing their maintenance staff to keep the warranty, for example.

This is why it is essential that you study the warranty before, not after, you decide to install a new roof. Treat it the same way you would local roofing contractors’ estimates, which means you should compare their coverage.

How to Make Sure Your Warranty Protects You

  • Perform regular inspections. Keeping a contract in good standing requires avoiding serious issues. This can be achieved by carrying out routine checks. You can find and address minor flaws through routine house roof inspections before they grow into more serious difficulties. Ponding, clogged gutters and algae are typical things to watch out for on your roof.

  • Check manufacturer’s requirements. Your roof manufacturer requires licensed contractors to follow specific requirements, including industry norms. Check if your roofers are authorized to install the company’s products. If so, the roofers can undertake repairs and upkeep. If your roofers aren’t certified by the manufacturer, you may forfeit your guarantee.

  • Register your warranty. When you register your contract, the company will have a formal record of your purchase. It will tell the company what kind of roof you have, what materials were used and information about the contractor who installed the product.

  • Stick to your original contractor. Many service contracts demand that the repairs be made by the original contractor. You could be left without protection if you choose a different contractor.

The roof is arguably one of the most expensive parts of the home to replace and repair. The last thing you want is to spend a hefty sum on a new roof with a defect or fault from the manufacturing stage. Warranties are peace of mind that, whatever happens, your new roof system is protected and insured.

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