Not only is a sagging roof ugly, but it could also put you and your family in danger. Since roofs are meant to be straight, a curved or sagging roof means that its structure isn’t strong enough, and it could be a sign that your roof is about to collapse. To keep your roof in good shape, you should hire a professional to figure out why it is sagging and take steps to fix it.

Roof Sagging

Inadequate Support

A series of joints and rafters hold up the main roof structure. At the roof joints, you can see both the ceiling and the bottom of the roof. The rafters run diagonally from the ridge to the edges. If these aren’t enough or aren’t built right, the problem can make the roof sag.

Water Damage

It’s important to know how water runs off your roof when it rains. Water can get into your roof through cracks and holes, and do a lot of damage. Moisture builds up over time, which makes it easy for mold and mildew to grow and for things to rot. You can avoid this problem by having your roof checked and maintained regularly.


Most of the time, sagging is a sign that your roof is getting old and needs to be replaced. A roof that is well taken care of will last for decades. Get one of the qualified roofing companies in the area to look at your roof to see if it needs to be replaced.

Too Much Weight

Stress can weaken and ruin structures. Routinely clearing snow and ice prevents buildup. Most roofs can survive heavy snowfall, but too much might undermine the internal structure. After severe snowfalls, remove roof snow with a plastic roof rake. Plastic ones are safer for your shingles.

What to Do About a Sagging Roof

What caused a roof to droop will determine how to fix it. Usually, internal reinforcement of the framing is possible. The old sheathing should be replaced, and larger rafters should be installed if your roof needs to be replaced. A similar method can be used to fix sheathing concerns with truss-frame roofs, although professionals should handle problems with the frames.

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