Roof Replacement: Things to Remember

Roofs are made to last as they are built with resiliency and durability in mind. The average asphalt shingle roof can last up to 20 to 25 years if maintained properly! But as durable as they are,[...]

January 14, 2022

Why Roof Flashing Fails

The roof flashing is a flat and thin material used to prevent snowmelt, rainfall and water from infiltrating the gaps in your roofing system. You can often find the roof flashing near the vulnera[...]

October 1, 2021
READ MORE Roofing Underlayment

Why Is Roofing Underlayment Important?

The roofing system is considered to be one of the most complex features of a home. It is more than just the shingles and decks. Have you heard of an underlayment? While this layer system isn’t [...]

September 9, 2021