Your house roof is an essential component of the home. It protects the structure from rain, snow, wind and other weather conditions. If your roof in Sioux Falls, SD, needs repair or maintenance, it must be dealt with as soon as possible before they can become bigger problems. Be sure to stay on top of potential signs that your roof might need attention.

Here’s How to Know if Your Roof Needs Repairs

What Are the Signs of a Roof in Need of Repair?

A few telltale signs of an issue with your roof including the following:

  • Missing shingles. These can leave your roof exposed to the elements, allowing moisture to enter your home easily.

  • Moss or algae growth. Organic growth is often an indication that there are too many areas where moisture can penetrate through the roof’s surface, such as under the flashings or around vents.

  • Moisture damage caused by leaks. If you notice any leaks or water damage inside your home, it’s prudent to address them immediately, as they can cause significant issues if left unaddressed.

What Kinds of Repairs Might Need to Be Done?

The repairs required to bring the roof to its previous condition will depend on the type of damage that a professional roofing company may identify. Replacing damaged shingles and any felt paper underneath is a good place to start. Additionally, cleaning and sealing gutters and downspouts can help prevent clogs that cause water runoff to back up and seep through the roof surface. It’s also good to inspect flashing for any possible leakage or damage, as this can also contribute to water entering the vulnerable areas of your home.

How Can You Tell if Your Roof Needs Professional Attention?

To determine if your roof does indeed require professional attention, it’s best to look at both the attic spaces and interior walls and ceilings. Once inside, check for leaks or moisture buildup. Inside the home, look at walls and ceilings for water stains, peeled paint or warped wood. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, then it’s wise to contact a professional as soon as possible so they can assess what repair solution is best for your situation.

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