You depend on your house roof every day for protection from various weather conditions. However, it will eventually wear out due to constant exposure to the elements. It takes time for roof damage – such as missing shingles, roof leaks, excessive granule loss, damaged gutters and others – to become apparent.

Poorly Installed

That said, it might be hard to find an obvious fault in your roofer’s work. A visual inspection may be enough to detect some problems, but other issues may require more investigation.

Here are some signs your roof was poorly installed.

Missing Drip Edge

An edge drip sheet prevents water from damaging the board under the roof’s edge (fascia). When properly installed, it is located between the underlayment and the shingles and extends over the gutter. There are several methods for securing the drip edge. For instance, roofers can apply roofing cement or place short roofing nails above the edge of the shingles.

Hardware Mistakes

It takes more than the shingles to keep your roof watertight. A long-lasting roof requires other components, such as flashing. Flashing must be installed and caulked properly so that leaks can be prevented. Choosing the wrong size of nails, spacing the shingles too far apart or nailing the shingles too low can result in leaks and possibly dislodge shingles during the next major storm or high winds. Make sure to check for these things to ensure the roof cost was well worth it.

Improper Gutter Installation

The gutter is responsible for collecting excess water from your roof. Instead of running directly from the roof to the ground, the water is routed through the gutter and then into the pipes. It shields other areas of your home from the direct impact of rainwater. Poorly installed gutters indicate poor roof installation. If you notice this problem, have it fixed right away or the integrity of your home’s foundation may be jeopardized.

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