Birds are great! Unfortunately, your roof may not share the same opinion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial or residential roof, contractors will be quick to tell you that birds can be bad news for your roofing system. A bird on your roof may seem like a welcome guest at first, but it won’t take long for you to realize that they can cause all sorts of problems for your roof and everything underneath it.

Why Birds Can Mean Bad News for Your Roofing System

Types of Bird Damage

  • Fire hazards: Birds make their nests out of naturally flammable materials, such as twigs, barks and branches. The presence of these materials can pose a huge threat, especially if a bird decides to nest near your HVAC system or inside air vents.
  • Acidic droppings: Wherever birds are, their poop is sure to follow. Birds are sure to leave droppings on your roof and vinyl siding. Not only are they unsightly and gross, they are also highly acidic. The acid present in bird droppings can damage your asphalt shingles and can be a pain to clean and remove.
  • Water blockage: Your roof and gutter systems are primarily designed to do one thing: get rid of water. Unfortunately, one of the most common nesting spots for birds is in your gutters. A bird’s nest in your gutters will inevitably lead to backups that can harm not just the gutters themselves, but your roofing materials as well.

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