The roof flashing is a flat and thin material used to prevent snowmelt, rainfall and water from infiltrating the gaps in your roofing system. You can often find the roof flashing near the vulnerable areas of your roof like the vents, chimneys and skylights. But flashing can fail, but you can take steps to prevent this from happening.

Roof Flashing

Wrinkled Flashing

If you see portions of your roof flashing with wrinkles on it, this could mean that it has suffered severe weathering due to the elements. Extreme shifts in temperatures in your area can also cause your flashing to warp, making it expand and contract, leading to its wrinkled appearance. Once the metal parts start to wrinkle, it will have a shortened length, exposing parts of your roof to the elements. Make sure to call an expert roof repair company immediately to treat this issue.

Loose Flashing

If your home has foundation problems, cracks might not be easily visible. Many homeowners can see this along the door frames or near the roof rather than on the home’s foundation itself. Your roofing contractor will tell you that these cracks are caused by stress and settling. As the foundation keeps settling, your flashing will slowly come loose.

Make sure that you inspect your roof from the base to the top occasionally. If you notice your flashing pulling away or separating from the chimney, you might need to call your local foundation expert for assistance.

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